I am not a physician and I don’t make any health claims about what I make. I’m just an advocate for more basic and pure ingredients when it comes to skin. It doesn’t have to be complicated!

These comments mean a lot to me, because they come from people who have been using my products and are truly satisfied.

“Our family loves Simplí! Prior to using Simplí soaps, we enjoyed using artisan soaps but were disappointed in the expensive cost and poor quality. We always found the soaps only lasted for maybe a week (usually started falling apart after the first or second use) whereas Simplí soaps are affordable, great quality, and last for up to a month with daily use without falling apart. The face bar lasts me months with daily use and leaves my skin feeling so clean and soft. Simplí soaps and salves have also helped to clear up our son’s severe eczema. They leave his skin moisturized and soft in addition to smelling amazing. I would not trust any other products on our son! So happy to have such high quality soaps available to us. I don’t know what my family would do without Simplí products!! We highly recommend.” ~ Jenn Y.

“What can I say about Simplí?! The products have exceeded all my expectations. We’ve been using them for several months now and my husband and I will not use any other soaps! The impact the artisan knowledge and care Julie puts into every product has simply blown us away. We’ve noticed that our skin just feels better and is so much more softer then with all the other previous soaps we’ve ever used. The lotion bars, the lip balms…magnificent. Everything just smells so good and does exactly what it’s meant to do. We are fans and will continue to be lifelong users of these products! It’s Simplí the best!” ~ Sabrina B.

“Julie, thank you for being so dedicated to making the best products using the high quality ingredients you do! Your products are amazing. I will be sharing your info with everyone I know! Thank you again so very much!” ~ Amber Y.

“For most of my life I have suffered from dry skin. I have tried all the different major brands of soap and the ones that took care of dry skin left me feeling like I had not showered. I found and tried Simplí, and have to say I am impressed. I have finally gone through a winter without worrying about shedding skin from my arms. The spiced pumpkin oat soap is fantastic. I come out of the shower feeling clean and my dry skin has gone away. No after-feeling of heavy lotion or other chemicals left on me. The soap is everything that Dial and soaps of that type claim to be. My girlfriend has commented many times about my skin…that [pumpkin] soap was one of the best I’ve ever tried and I will use regularly. Because of how good the soaps are I tried their other products. The lotion bars are great, and the shaving soaps are fantastic—they don’t gunk-up your razor and you get a really smooth shave. Definitely would recommend this company to anyone.” ~ Doug Q.

“Rosey Face is so perfect for my sensitive skin, leaving it feeling clean and soft, not greasy or dried out! Love the variety of soaps and have taken them to work—the ladies love them, especially over the winter. Our hands are not dried out from the cold weather…they have made a huge difference!!” ~ Monica J.

“I have loved the products I’ve used! The lotion bars and soaps all smell amazing and are moisturizing without being greasy or ‘tacky’. I have had to restock a few times after I let my mother, sisters-in-law, and nieces try them. They cleaned me out!” ~ Maureen M.

“I used the shaving soap today. Wow! Julie’s best yet. I shave my head and face and was using a gel-type cream. Simplí shaving soap holds its lather, it glides well and smells great. Another thing to note: I use a 5-blade razor. When I use a gel it has a tendency to leave a residue in the blades [which is hard to rinse out]. The Simplí Shaving Soap cleaned well from the blades. Really close shave, too!” ~ John F.

dirty hands

Love me some dirty people!

(I’ve got soap for that)