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I have perpetually dry hands and cuticles—I am always doing house projects, gardening, working with tools, cleaning paint…). And I rarely go anywhere without some sort of lip balm. I have created these items with concentrated amounts of luxurious oils and butters, scents and have also researched like crazy to avoid more and more products that have synthetic chemicals.

Emulsified body butters are an indulgent version of moisturizing using amazing, skin-loving butters, oils and other ingredients that are quickly absorbed into skin without feeling greasy. After much research and testing, I created this emulsified version which incorporates water (quickly hydrates skin and adds to a faster absorption of the heavier ingredients) and an emulsifier (a wax that allows the mixture of oil and water) and is readily absorbed. The texture is almost like a mousse and the end product is more thermal stable—meaning it won’t be as prone to melt as body butters that are not emulsified, with no water element.

Lotion bars are portable, smell amazing, long-lasting and can be placed in carry-on bags when flying! These are pretty popular, and I am always making new scents.

Salves are another one that takes some time, because I infuse sweet almond oil with traditional dried botanicals that have been used for thousands of years in far Eastern cultures for a variety of topical skin treatments. Botanicals include calendula, plaintain leaf, comfrey leave, arnica and lavender. I use this on my cuticles, lips, heels and other areas that might need some special moisturizing and attention.

Deodorant without any chemicals or aluminum—AND IT WORKS! Studies have shown that commercial aluminum-based antiperspirant is really not a good thing, particularly for women since aluminum swells and blocks the sweat glands, and the location of lymph nodes is right there by the pits! Some of the aluminum gets absorbed into the body, also. Yuck. Natural deodorant incorporates absorbent and antibacterial ingredients—such as fractionated coconut oil, magnesium hydroxide (inorganic mineral compound, food grade) and essential oils—to kill odor-causing bacteria and neutralize odor. And my formulation does NOT include baking soda, which can cause irritation, and NO clay.  |  More info. on natural deodorant and armpit detox is HERE.

Get the Bug Outta Here is my take on a DEET-free, natural insect repellent and a new formulation over my previous balms (which could melt in summer heat). This lightweight spray is easy to apply and the amber plastic bottles are tall and thin, so they are convenient to transport. Essential oils naturally repel predators/bugs via the chemicals stored inside the plants. And I recently discovered soybean oil can inhibit mosquitoes and some other insects. Recommend on ages 10 and up due to the essential oils used.  [SEASONAL—available spring through fall]

Belly Whip is a special whipped body butter that absorbs into skin, helping to not only moisturize but alleviate the itch of stretching skin during pregnancy. This definitely has some special ingredients. These are made to order and are in larger 8-oz jars.

Bath Truffles are a relatively new, indulgent item I’ve formulated. I’ll admit, I’m not really a bath bomb person. If I’m going to spend time in a tub, whatever I put into that water needs to do something beneficial besides fizz. Well…these truffles are just like the edible versions: creamy and rich. Cocoa and shea butters leave your skin so soft, but the tub isn’t a greasy mess when you’re done. Packed inside air-tight, bio-degradable and recyclable kraft paper bags with a laminated poly liner to keep contents fresh for longer, along with a zip-top closure. Available in a variety of scents (essential oils as well as high-grade fragrance oils).

Emulsified Sugar Scrubs are a new favorite of mine for dry hands and feet. In addition to leaving my skin wonderfully soft and exfoliated, it also leaves a scent once I’ve rinsed and dried off. It’s a somewhat gentle exfoliation because sugar is water soluble and will dissolve with water. And thanks to the emulsifying wax, the oils disperse with water leaving no slick, oily residue (and also there is no need to stir the scrub before taking out of the jar). I’ve incorporated quickly absorbed oils to moisturize, such as rice bran, sunflower, and sweet almond. These sugar scrubs basically create a lotion as you massage with water onto your skin.

Foaming Bath Salts are a creamy treat for your skin as well as your senses. Mineral-rich magnesium sulfate (Epsom Salt) and pure salts (whether Himalayan, Dead Sea or Dendritic) are sought-out spa treatments that feel so luxurious and leave our skin so soft. Citric Acid is an alpha/beta hydroxy acid found naturally in citrus fruits, which cleans pores and softens skin. And I’ve also included sweet almond oil for moisturizing, which is quickly absorbed into the skin. Packed inside air-tight, bio-degradable and recyclable kraft paper bags with a laminated poly liner to keep contents fresh, along with a zip-top closure.

Bath Salts are made with mineral-rich magnesium sulfate (Epsom Salt) and pure salts (whether Himalayan, Dead Sea or dendritic)—sought-out ingredients that feel so luxurious and leave our skin so soft. And the aromatherapy benefits of essential oils just add to the at-home spa experience. I have ground the dried herbs & flowers so there aren’t large pieces floating in your bath. NO added dyes or colorants [I mean….why??]. Packed inside bio-degradable and recyclable kraft paper bags with a laminated poly liner to keep contents fresh, along with a zip-top closure.

Lip Balms—I make a variety, depending upon the season and special ingredients I might find, but the main ones are:
– J-Beez Herbal is a bit softer and is my version of a national “natural” brand.
– Vegan Mint Kiss is for those who would rather not use beeswax; I use candelilla wax instead, which is a slick, plant-based wax that provides a nice shine and is nourishing to lips.

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Simplí soaps and salves have helped to clear up our son’s severe eczema. They leave his skin moisturized and soft in addition to smelling amazing. I would not trust any other products on our son!
~ Jenn Y.

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