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I’ve done extensive research and testing and have come up with all-natural facial grooming products that should keep hair and skin in great condition. And seeing as I have friends who are master brewers and have very full, impressive beards, it led me to experiment with hops-infused oil and hemp seed oil in my men’s grooming items.

Shaving Soaps: It took me a while to create just the right recipe that wouldn’t dry out skin. Initially I tried using clay (which is reputed to add “slip” of the razor over the skin). But feedback was that it clogged the blades. Then I tried a 2-lye process and added stearic acid. Ding ding ding! We have a winner. My shaving soap utilizes the hot process method of soapmaking, which essentially cooks the soap. This ensures the stearic acid (a vegetable-based fatty acid) melts properly and saponification happens in the pot. The soap ends up having a really rich, creamy, long-lasting lather. Final result is a 3″ diameter by 1″ puck.

Facial hair needs a little love too! I’ve learned a lot about the production of sebum in the skin and how facial hair can steal moisture (or sebum…the natural oil) from the skin, thus creating “beardruff” when the skin gets too dry (and flay…and itchy). But over-stimulation from hair growth can also create an over-abundance of sebum, resulting in oily skin and acne (stay with me here). By maintaining some moisture in the facial hair follicles, the skin doesn’t go into overdrive producing sebum. Thus, your facial hair and your skin maintain a good moisture balance. As a side benefit: these products smell good, too.

Beard balms—These 2-oz tins are filled to the brim with natural skin- and facial hair-loving ingredients; simply scrape a dime-size amount of balm using the back of your nail, rub your hands together to warm and soften it, then distribute throughout your facial hair and skin beneath.

Beard oils—The environment can take its toll on facial hair, causing dryness and frizziness. This helps to nourish facial hair and skin and distributes easily. Each bottle comes with a dropper. Place a few drops in your hand (experiment with the right amount for your facial hair), rub hands together, then distribute into beard and skin.

I also have made available a decent-quality wet shaving brush and holder set. I say “decent-quality” because a shaving brush is as individual as the perfect pair of black pumps is to a woman. There are a ton of options out there, ranging from $7 to well over $200 for a shaving brush. What’s in the set?

– 100% pure badger hair shaving brush with wood handle. Dense assortment of bristles. Badger hair naturally absorbs water, and infuses it into the soap creating a nice, creamy lather.
– Chrome-plated stainless steel stand (efficiently dries out the brush between use—increasing brush life)
– Ceramic shaving dish. Fits Simplí shaving pucks perfectly; accommodates most 3″ circumference shaving soaps. Lightweight yet durable.
– One Simplí shaving soap puck

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I used the shaving soap today. Wow! Julie’s best yet. I shave my head and face and was using a gel-type cream. Simplí shaving soap holds its lather, it glides well and smells great. Another thing to note: I use a 5-blade razor. When I use a gel it has a tendency to leave a residue in the blades [which is hard to rinse out]. The Simplí Shaving Soap cleaned well from the blades. Really close shave, too!
~ John F.

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